Normally you would expect to play in a casino with money. You have to pay yourself, from your bank account or any other facility where you can deposit money. At nz-online-casino we show you how it is possible to play with more than just your own balance. Find out more about slots or pokies that can be played with a welcome bonus.

What is a welcome bonus?

Casinos try everything in the book to attract new players all the time. One of the most efficient such tool is to wheel in new customers with some freebies. And isn't that nice of the casinos? Sometimes you may not even have to do anything but to register yourself and you already get a chance to play a few games for free.

Usually, a welcome bonus is either some extra balance for your casino account or some extra spins for some pokies. Many casinos even go a step further and offer you both, as an entire welcome package. Get your first deposit or even several initial deposits doubled or tripled - and get a few stabs for games of either your or the casino's choice!

What do you need to do?

After signing up it is all about keeping your eyes open. Usually, your welcome bonus will be added straight away as soon as you have deposited enough money. Then you need to play. After all, you can't just snap up a bonus and then do nothing at all and get it paid out. Casinos are there for the games and just to spread money.

Just how many games you would need to play in order to be able to pay out your bonus is up to the casino operator. You will find the respective requirements as "wagering requirements" in the terms and conditions for the bonus or the entire casino. Usually you will have to wager your bonus amount between 20, 30 or even 60 times.

Which games can you play?

We are talking about pokies here, so for starters we can rule out other games. Or well, almost. Some casinos offer you bonuses that you can use for every type of game available. There may be limitations in connection with the wagering requirements however. Table games in particular would not help you a lot with the fulfillment of the respective wagering requirements.

In case of free spins as part of a welcome bonus or welcome package, they could be set up for all games. Very often however, they are to be used for one particular game. This could be a true classic that you absolutely have to see with your own eyes. But it could also be a new game that the casino wants to promote.

How big is a welcome bonus for the pokies?

There is no general answer to this question. It is down to the casino operators to define the amount of money that they want to offer you in any shape or form. Some casinos may only give you 50 % extra, while others go up to 300 % or even more as a bonus. Also the amount of free spins can vary the same way.

Free spins on their own tend to come in rather small quantities. If you get some for the sign-up, expect maybe 10 or 15 free spins. There may be more spins available if they are connected with a minimum payment into your account however. Common practice is to credit large amount of free spins to customers' accounts over the course of several days.


Can I play at several casinos?

If you want to get in touch with the pokies at several casinos at the same time, this can be a good idea. Maybe you have not got much luck at one place, but another brings you big winnings straight away. You can later drop one casino and stick to the other. Keep in mind that it is all for the fun of it though.

One thing that will never be possible however is to sign up at an online casino under a different name. Casinos track their website traffic very closely to avoid any scams. If you have used up your bonus to no success, you have two options. Either you play on with more of your own money - or you move on to the next address.